32-30 Remington CH4D reloading dies


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32-30 Remington CH4D reloading dies

Die set 32-30 Remington. Quality product made by CH4D.

Product Code: CH4D_DS32-30Rem
Manufacturer: CH4D


174,31 EUR


product description


Set of dies in caliber 32-30 Remington. Product of CH4D.


Caliber: 32-30 Remington

Number of matrices in the set: 3


Excellent set of dies processed from a reputable manufacturer in the U.S..


Set does not contain shell holder (shellholder), it must be ordered separately.

Correct shellholder for this set is Shellholder CH4D 12.


Note: Before ordering this product, please contact us to consult your choice with us.