# HT Shell Holder CH4D


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# HT Shell Holder CH4D

# HT Shell Holder CH4D

Product Code: CH4D_408HT
Manufacturer: CH4D


12,48 EUR


product description



CH4D shell holder used in most brands of reloading presses.

For full list of shell holders and calibers, see the table.


Type: # HT


For calibers:

297-250 Rook
25 Hornet Ackley Imp
5,6x34 Francotte Carbine
297-230 Morris Long (Lng Body)
22 WCF (Win Center Fire)
22 Lovell K
22 Hornet
17 Hornet Ackley Imp
14 Hornet 45
297-230 Morris Short
22 Squirrel
224 Harvey K Chuck
297-230 Morris Long (Sht Body)
17 Squirrel
5,6x35R Vierling
17 Hornet
20 Squirrel
270 REN
25 Hornet
22 K Hornet
22 Harvey KC
22 ICL Gopher