Bullets RWS EVO 9,3mm, dia .366, 290grs, 2317412


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Bullets RWS EVO 9,3mm, dia .366, 290grs, 2317412

Bullet RWS EVO 9,3mm, dia .366, 290grs (18,8g), 2317412

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Product Code: RWS_2317412
Manufacturer: RWS


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Packed by 50pcs.


RWS EVO 9,3mm, dia .366, 290grs (18,8g), 2317412

1 - Lead core bonded (=fused) with the jacket for convincing penetration
2 - Cannelure for a solid bullet seat
3 - Rapid-X-Tip for optimal response in the game's body
4 - Sharp edge for cutting of hair at point of impact
5 - Nickel-plated Tombac jacket for increased barrel life
6 - Ballistic calotte for flight stability and precision at long distance


The advantage of effectiveness of the RWS EVOLUTION-bullet (EVO-bullet) becomes very clear in case of bone hits, primarily with heavier game.
The EVO-bullet stays largely mass stable, whereas the classic soft point bullets fragment on hitting stronger bones and have less residual energy for perfect penetration and bullet exit.

Due to the special bonding of the lead core with the Tombac jacket (power bonding technology) the EVO-bullet achieves a residual weight of almost
100 % and this way ensures a high exit probability.

Based on its aerodynamic geometry and the ballistic calotte, the RWS EVO-bullet stands out due to high internal precision. It maintains an extended trajectory and guarantees a high impact energy, even at long shooting distances.

Independent of the shooting distance and the strength of the game, the RWS EVO-bullet - due to its constructional advantages - provides reliable penetration.