Barrel Cleaner - spray with applicator SchleTek


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Barrel Cleaner - spray with applicator SchleTek

Barrel Cleaner - spray with applicator. Made in Germany, company SchleTek.

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Product Code: SCH_S_21001
Manufacturer: SchleTek


11,49 EUR


product description


SchleTek barrel cleaner

The SchleTek Bore Cleaner contains highly effective active ingredients that have been specially developed for the continuous cleaning of dirty weapons. The SchleTek barrel cleaners made in Germany cleans thoroughly and reliably all weapons.

Residues and and all kinds of contaminants are eliminated. Tombak, copper, zinc, powder residue etc. with Bore Cleaner quickly removed.  Cleaner work without damaging of plastic, steel, wood and other surfaces. The SchleTek barrel cleaner is acid-free and free of ammonia.

The barrel cleaner is usable for handguns and rifles. Insert the supplied 4-beam applicator into the barrel. With uniform spraying drag the applicator through the barrel.  If the applicator is not long enough for sour weapon, so you can use it in addition from the other side of barrel again.

After spraying let the barrel cleaner leave on for about five to six minutes. You can then easily remove the dirt from barrel using a brush. Optionally, you can use to clean a barrel cleaner felt to eliminate the last remnants. If the barrel is still not cleaned perfectly, repeat this procedure again.


Content: 200 ml
Delivery incl. applicator.

SchleTek barrel cleaner is quality Made in Germany