Bullets RWS HMK 7mm, dia .284, 173grs, 2146029


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Bullets RWS HMK 7mm, dia .284, 173grs, 2146029

Bullet RWS H-Mantel 7mm, dia .284, 173grs (11,2g), 2146029

Availability: in stock
Product Code: RWS_2146029
Manufacturer: RWS
Packed by: 50 pcs
Notice:sold per pack only


1,23EUR / pcs


product description

Packed by 50pcs.


RWS H-MANTEL 7mm, dia .284, 173grs (11,2g), 2146029


Construction of RWS HMK:

1 - Geometrically optimized tail for highest precision

2 - Hard tail core for extreme penetration

3 - Softer tip core for controlled fragmentation and high effectiveness

4 - Copper hollow tip for faster response in the game's body

5 - H-shaped constriction for reliable part fragmentation

6 - Modified cannelure for an optimal seat of the bullet

7 - Progressively increasing jacket wall thickness for a mass-stable residual body and a sure bullet exit


Special about the RWS H-Mantel-bullet is the famous H-groove, a predetermined breaking point in the shape of a constriction in the middle of the jacket. It supports the separation of the two bullet cores of different hardness and is jointly responsible for the bullet's dual effectiveness system: 

The front part fragments very quickly after the impact in the game's body with a high energy release. This guarantees highest effectiveness. 

The cylindrical tail part of the H-MANTEL-bullet separates at the H-groove, penetrates without considerable deformation the body of even heavy game, and thus reliably provides the desired bullet exit. 

The suction effect of the tail part ensures that the fragments of the front bullet core largely leave the game's body and thus spare the game's meat.