Bullets RWS KS 9,3mm, dia .366, 247grs, 2146452


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Bullets RWS KS 9,3mm, dia .366, 247grs, 2146452

Bullet RWS KS 9,3mm, dia .366, 247grs (16g), 2146452

Availability: in stock
Product Code: RWS_2146452
Manufacturer: RWS
Packed by: 50 pcs
Notice:sold per pack only


1,05 EUR / pcs


product description

Packed by 50pcs.


RWS KS 9,3mm, dia .366, 247grs (16g), 2146452



1 - Tail constriction for a mass stable residual body and a sure bullet exit
2 - Ballistically optimized cone shape for an extended trajectory
3 - Tombac jacket
4 - Lead core for balanced deformation behaviour with different types of game
5 - Long bullet cylinder for highest precision 

One of the secrets of the exceptional precision of the RWS CONE-POINT-bullet (KS-bullet) is the optimal balancing of the jacket wall thickness and the hardness of the lead core.

Furthermore, the outer shape of the bullet and the long bullet cylinder provide ideal preconditions for highest precision at low air resistance.

Whether heavy or light game - the RWS KS-bullet mushrooms in a controlled manner. For the sure bullet exit, it evenly releases energy in the game's body while maintaining an effectively enlarged residual body.