CH4D Bullet puller - caliber .45


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CH4D Bullet puller - caliber .45

C-H Bullet Puller w/Collet - caliber .45

Availability: in stock
Product Code: CH4D_402450
Manufacturer: CH4D


41,17 EUR


product description


CH4D Bullet puller - caliber .45

Collet tightens on the bullet with a simple twist of the handle, easily removes your bullets with no damage to the case or the bullet.


diameter from
diameter to
diameter from
diameter to
examples of calibers
11,3mm 11,5mm .445 .455 .45 Auto (.45 ACP)
.45 G.A.P.
.45 Colt (.45 LC)


For complete list of Bullet pullers and replacement collets see the table.