Flex Clean coated steel cable - universal for rifles and shotguns


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Flex Clean coated steel cable - universal for rifles and shotguns

High quality, plastic coated steel cable with brass handle for various cleaning applications. Can tow felt cleaners, cleaning brushes and such. Tensile strength over 45 kg.

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Product Code: BAL_23265
Manufacturer: Ballistol




product description


Cleaning self-loading rifles and shotguns can cause wrinkles to many shooters (There are exceptions. SKS, for example, can be cleaned easily). Everyone knows that cleaning your rifle from the bore exit is a problem, since you can easily damage the muzzle. If we want to avoid this risk, there are basically two options - a boresnake, or some product with simillar principle.

This is why the Flex Clean cord was made. The rope is very flexible and does not damage the weapon, because it is wrapped in a thick layer of protective coating. The cable ends are made of brass, and therefore also safe for use in the barrel.

Cleaning with Flex Clean cord is simple and effective. Insert the cable from the breech to the muzzle, blunt end first. You will attach the handle to this part later. Attach the appropriate 1/8" threaded brush (or adapter with cleaning felts) to the threaded end. Attach the handle and pull the cable through.

Because of it's features, it's perfect not only for semi-auto rifles. We like to use this Flex Clean cord to quickly clean our bolt action rifles too!


Tip STROBL.CZ: We recommend using this cleaning system with the felt pellets, for which it is primarily intended. You can carry a over 20 of those in a box with the cord and quickly run one through the bore immediately after shooting.


  • Allows various cleaning applications
  • High quality, plastic coated steel cable
  • Steel rope has a length of 80 cm and a tensile strength > 45 kg.
  • Precisely manufactured holder on the handle allows the rope to rotate freely and follow the rifling
  • The handle is made of 8mm thick brass
  • Supplied with adapters for cleaning with felt pellets (one for .17 cal and one for .22 cal - 12 gauge shotguns)
  • Practical box with a transparent lid offers some space for storing a couple felt pellets
  • Flex Clean cable can be also used to tow brass brush or bore mop (1/8" thread)



  • Flexible, plastic-coated steel cable
  • Brass Handle
  • 2 adapters for felt cleaners (thread: 1/8")
  • Pocket-sized tin box with transparent lid for transport and storage