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Shopping information


We have prepared a short guide on ordering goods from our eshop. If you have some further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Ordering goods is done using the eshop interface. If you have some specific needs, it’s possible to place an order in a different way. For communication with our team, please use the contacts listed in main menu.

The seller reserves the right to refuse execution of the order if the ordering data is incomplete or raises doubts about the customer's actual intention to buy the goods. In this case, the seller will send a notice to the customer's e-mail address.

By submitting the order, the customer confirms that he has become familiar with the terms and conditions of the seller and expresses his / her consent.

Terms of Service are available here: obchodní podmínky.


Delivery of goods

Delivery of goods within EU is realized by company GEIS.

Price is for one parcel up to 28 kg.

Country Price EUR
Austria 12,31 €
Belgium 13,08 €
Bulgaria 19,23 €
Croatia 20,00 €
Denmark 15,00 €
Estonia 18,46 €
Finland 29,62 €
France 16,15 €
Germany 8,85 €
Great Britain 16,15 €
Greece 43,85 €
Hungary 12,31 €
Ireland 20,00 €
Italy 18,46 €
Latvia 18,46 €
Lithuania 18,46 €
Luxembourg 13,08 €
Netherlands 13,08 €
Poland 10,77 €
Portugal 20,00 €
Romania 28,85 €
Slovakia - dobírka 8,08 €
Slovakia - platba předem 6,15 €
Slovenia 14,23 €
Spain 19,23 €
Sweden 19,62 €



Way of payment

You can pay for goods by wire transfer. When you place the order, we will send you back all information needed for wire transfer.



Warranty term is two years for end users and 12 months for dealers. Warranty cannot be applied on goods damaged by improper use. Goods have to be sent to our office: s.r.o., Nová Olešná 39, 37853 Czech Republic.


Guns and Ammunition:

Guns and ammunition cannot be sold through e-shop.


General info:

Pictures of goods published on this website are only for informative purposes. Delivered goods can be slightly different form picture (colour, etc.).