Lyman Moly Ceramic Media 0,79 kg (1,75 lbs)


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Lyman Moly Ceramic Media 0,79 kg (1,75 lbs)

Lyman Ceramic Media for coating bullets with molybdenum disulfide - 0,79 kg (1,75 lbs) per pack.

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Product Code: LYMAN_7631381
Manufacturer: Lyman


21,06 EUR


product description


Lyman Ceramic Media used for coating bullets with molybdenum disulfide.

Contains 0,79 kg (1,75 lbs) of ceramic media per pack.


Molybdenum disulfide is widely known as an outstandingly effective solid lubricant. Lately it became very popular among the shooters as a bullet lubricant. Treating bullets with moly decreases fouling and friction in rifle bore, thus prolonging its life.

To treat bullets with moly you need a good tumbler, ceramic media and super-fine grade moly - the process takes about 2 hours of tumbling the ceramic media, bullets and moly powder together. It's simple as that.