Nickel-plated Ultra Jag, 10mm / .40 cal


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Catalog > Gun cleaning Tipton DeLuxe > Nickel-plated Tipton Ultra Jag

Nickel-plated Ultra Jag, 10mm / .40 cal

Solvent-resistant Ultra Jag. Brass core protected by nickel plating. Caliber .40 / 10 mm. Thread 8-32.

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Product Code: BTF_404169
Manufacturer: Tipton


4,26 EUR


product description


Solvent-resistant Ultra Jag. Brass core protected by nickel plating. 

Thread 8-32. For best experience, please use with Tipton Deluxe Carbon Cleaning Rod.


Example of suitable calibers:

  • 10,4×38mm Swiss Rimfire
  • 10,75x68mm Mauser
  • .40-60 Marlin
  • .401 Winchester
  • .404 Jeffery
  • .405 Winchester
  • .408 Chey Tac
  • .400 Nitro Express
  • .416 Barrett
  • .416 Remington Magnum
  • .416 Rigby
  • .416 Ruger
  • .416 Weatherby Magnum
  • .44 WCF
  • .444 Marlin
  • .450 Nitro Express


Take a modern bore solvent and squirt it on a brass cleaning jag. The liquid will turn blue as it drips off the jag – it's working so fast, it starts to dissolve your cleaning jag in front of your eyes! If you're following conventional wisdom "clean until you get a clear patch" you might be in for a long night.

Tipton's® Ultra Jags™ feature a patent-pending technology that covers the surface of a traditional push-type jag with solvent-proof material, keeping aggressive modern bore solvents from creating false blue stains that normally indicate copper fouling.

Before Ultra Jags, these false blue stains caused users to over-clean their barrels – and that's been emonstrated to destroy accuracy over time. When you use Ultra Jags™, you'll get better, faster cleaning results because you'll know you're getting blue stains from copper fouling from your barrel and not from the surface of your jag.

In addition , you will increase the life of your jag by protecting the jags brass core from the aggressive modern solvents with the nickel-plated coating.




For optimal performance, please use this product with following accessories :

  • Cleaning patches
  • Patch Trap
  • Bore guide kit
  • Pipettes
  • Tipton Bore Solvent