ZTR Zombie Flake-Off Wolf (8-pack)


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ZTR Zombie Flake-Off Wolf (8-pack)

Pack of 8 Zombie Tactical Response Flake Off Targets - Wolf. Large 12”x18” size (46x30cm).

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Product Code: BTF_791403
Manufacturer: Caldwell


7,34 EUR

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14,68 EUR


product description


Steady hands and an accurate eye are essential to ensuring you make each shot count in the war with the un-dead. Caldwell's new ZTR Zombie Flake Off Targets are exactly what you need to practice for the apocalypse.

Be prepared for the coming Zombie Apocalypse or just take these targets to the range for some fun themed target practice. Zombie Tactical Response Flake Off Targets are the perfect accessory for the shooter looking for something different to shoot at.

Each target is manufactured with Caldwell's triple flake technology. Three different colors clearly show where your shots are hitting. Head shots flake off red, body shots flake of green and misses flake off white.


  • Large 12”x18” size (46x30cm)
  • Price for a pack of 8 pcs
  • Perfect for some fun themed target practice
  • Three different flake off colors to clearly show head shots, body shots and misses